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Plesivica website
Frank Passic

Dear Marko: Greetings from here in the United States of America. One of my cousins let me know about your Plesivica website. My ancestors were born and raised in Vranov Dol, and were baptized in the Plesivica church.
My grandfather was Ladislav "Slavko" Pacic, born in Vranov Dol 18.IX.1879. He had other brothers and sisters there also: Alojzija, Ludmila (who died as a baby in 1882), Juraj, Bolto, Franjo Ks., and Barbara. Alojzija, Juraj, Ladislav, Bolto and Bara all came to the United States. My grandfather died in 1959 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery under the name of Louis Pasick. Alojzija died in 1959 one week after my grandfather and is buried in Lansing, Michigan under the name of Louise Rodick (She was married 3 times, first to Vukich there in Vranov Dol, then to Seperic and Rodick here in the U.S.) Barbara died in 1974 and is buried in St. Paul, Minnesota under the name of Barbara Yager. Bolto had his name changed to Frank and is buried under the name of Frank Pacic in Kalamazoo, Michigan when he died in 1960.
My grandfather's parents were Stjepan (1828-1899) and Jana (Pros) Pacic. We think Jana died in the 1920s. But Jana was Stjepan's second marriage after his first wife Dora Greguric died in 1874, he had 3 children by his 1st wife: Mirko Pacic (died 1888), Matic, and Jela.
Stjepan's parents were Mihalj (1804-1872) and Kata (Zoric) (1802-1877) Pacic. I wonder if there is a cemetery there in Vranov Dol where they are buried that has tombstones with their names?
There is another Pacic family in Vranov Dol: Dragutin and Vladimir who we have not been able to establish a genealogical link, but their Pacic descendants here in the U.S. have helped us with our genealogy when Ed Matasy visited Vranov Dol and the church in Plesivica in 1997. My father's cousin Joseph Yager, son of Bara (Pacic) Yager, visited Vranov Dol in 1978. The old Pacic home had been demolished by then.
Here in the U.S. our Croatian name has been changed to many spellings in different branches of the family: From the original Pacic, to: Pasic, Pasick, Passic, and Passick. But we are all related. Most of us still live in the state of Michigan.
Feel free to share my information on your website.
Sincerely, Frank Passic (Pacic)

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